Hiding wounds after a tragedy, middle-aged Lily endures chaos at a retreat with her best friend in order to rediscover her self-worth, but is it catching?


            LILY, forty-ish, arrives at her yearly retreat with her best friend, CAITLIN, postponed a year due to a horrific tragedy, revealed piecemeal. Lily struggles to pull her life together, caring for her son and her own business, and daring a few days away. Lily and Caitlin’s relationship is drenched in innocent duplicity – a façade of sisterhood veils hidden motives and distorted obligations.

            As Lily struggles to hide secret tests of hurting herself at any happy turn, convinced she doesn’t deserve it, Caitlin’s secret mission is to have Lily overcome her self-designated taboo of not speaking about her tragedy. The games begin!

            When Caitlin’s dysfunctional sister, DARAUGH, and new boyfriend unexpectedly arrive, the plans are foiled. TREVOR, the secret boyfriend, turns out to be Daraugh’s best friend and an old friend to the others. He deems their relationship a big mistake. Lily doesn’t remember him, a few years behind her in high school, but he remembers her well.

            TOM, Caitlin’s husband, is fed up with his wife’s games and implements his own agenda. Lily quickly catches on and gathers allies.

            When Daraugh leaves without notice, Caitlin convinces Trevor to stay. Their plan is to do an intervention and have Daraugh finally face her destructive lifestyle. But she stays away. Caitlin also sees an opportunity in Trevor’s cathartic nature to help Lily, though this takes an unexpected turn and ultimately rewrites Caitlin’s role.

            Lily discovers that everyone has something to overcome. Through the chaos, Lily finds it difficult to perform her tests and hide the fact that she’s visited by her  husband, GREG, the less-than-upstanding Sheriff. Caitlin has been assigned as Lily’s memory, since she’s blocked out so much of her life, and as the friendship between them grows more strained, Lily and Trevor reacquaint themselves while Caitlin is at work. They spark an unexpected and ill-timed attraction.

            Meanwhile, Daraugh returns drugged-out, finally ready to indemnify her life.

            The collision of intricate relationships among family and extended family exposes the truths no one can continue to avoid. The struggle to regain her strength and confront a lifetime of disguised truths becomes a catalyst for transformation in not only Lily, but in those around her.

            They have until Saturday…